Effective energetic cleansing and detoxification!

Why cleansing and detoxification of intestines and psyche?

We live in a time where detoxification is playing an increasingly important role. The environment and food are polluted. Many people also take medication, but toxic sources from clothing or mobile phones also pose a risk. And through our cosmetics, questionable substances enter our bodies directly through the skin. The body can only break down a large number of these stressful substances very slowly or not at all. Instead, it is stored in the cells or in the tissue, which can lead to massive mental and physical stress.


But don't forget: We ourselves! Negative feelings such as anger, rage, resentment, hatred or fears create poisoning and acidification of the body within a very short time.. “You can eat whole foods & basic foods by the hundredweight. If you get terribly angry with your partner, your child, your boss or anyone else afterwards, you will be angry again in no time; and not only in a figurative sense but also physically.”


What does an energetic cleansing do? If we still have too many blockages, too much negative ballast and negative thoughts, this always has an impact down to the cell level. And it happens little during/after a cure or fades quickly. Every cure (but also just like that) can have an even more profound effect with energetic accompaniment: I therefore accompany you energetically on 4 days (every 5th day a remote treatment).


What is treated?

  • Negative beliefs and emotional patterns
  • stressful and discordant emotions as well
  • own mental conflicts and inherited conflicts from the family and ancestors, but also
  • other external influences that unconsciously block joy and fullness of life and keep us feeling 'negative' can be transformed/released during this time.

Energetic support for cell detoxification:

  • Resolving energetic blockages in the cells that make draining difficult.
  • Transformation of old patterns so that one can let go of oneself/the cell and detoxification is possible at all (this is often the problem with normal detoxification that the cell is not able to detoxify independently and must first be stimulated). I offer these treatments remotely. Each participant can receive these energy treatments in the comfort of their own home or while they are sleeping.
  • First energetic elimination of body toxins.


Why and how to do?  You do the energetic detoxification cure

>> just to do something good for you / your body or

>> accompanying your own 9-day cure (e.g. it can also be simply doing without sugar and gluten-containing foods)

>> or accompanying a colon cleanse or liver cleanse according to Anthony William

>> Also easy to implement during work!




Cleansing & detoxification cures are optimal in the 14 days of the waning moon, toxins are eliminated better and it is easier to lose weight.

August: > Start Wednesday: 17.8.2022

The healing treatments in August are on the following dates:

Wed., 17.8., Sun., 21.8., Wed., 24.8., Mon., 29.8., each 10:22 p.m


September: > Start Sunday: 18.9.2022

November: > Start Sunday: 13.11.2022

more dates to come!



>> The energetic accompaniment with 4 remote treatments over 1.5 hours cost 65 EUR. (repeat 50€)


>> The remote treatments last 1.5 hours. Starts at 10:22 p.m. There is a treatment every fourth/fifth day. A total of 4 healing treatments. During the time mentioned above, you will be accompanied by me online via email and/or WhatsApp.


as an an example:

Energy Treatment - Day1 -

The main aim of the treatments is to cleanse and harmonize everything holistically, which primarily burdens the liver (as the main elimination organ). On an energetic level but also on a cell level, blockages and emotional issues such as fear, shame, guilt or anger...
What exactly is covered today?
- Harmonization, purification and vitalization of the subtle energy channels and bodies of your energy system, chakras, secondary chakras, yin-yang, grounding, lymphatic system.
- Stimulating the cells to become more capable of healing and releasing energetic blockages in the cells that make drainage difficult.
- Purification of negative beliefs and emotional patterns that make detoxification difficult
- first energetic cleaning of 'coarse' pollutants in the system


Where and how?

At home or on the go. You can take part in the remote treatments wherever you are.

You can receive the energy treatment at home, lying comfortably, completely effortlessly. Simply lie down about 5 minutes before reception time or bedtime, prepare yourself for a treatment now (or later if you go to bed earlier) and then simply enjoy!



Use the time for yourself, for a physical and energetic cleansing!

I am happy if you are there!

Best regards





Contact & more information:
Dipl-Ing. Petrarca Bohlender
Tel. 0160 3777 179

oder per Mail unter info@heilerpraxis.net


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