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English version · 19. März 2022
:: Join us! :: Free healing treatment | Sunday, March 20th | For more peace in life | Sun Festival & Goddess Ostara: Spring Equinox
March 20th/21st is the Ostara sun festival: also called the spring equinox, dedicated to the Germanic goddess Ostara! The originally Celtic festival celebrated at the equinox marks the beginning of spring. This pagan homage to the goddess Ostara seems to have faded from our consciousness, but it is still reflected in our Easter traditions today. Ostara (from 'Eostre', for Latin 'Aurora' = dawn) brings back warmth, light, growth and life in spring. Cold and frost must give way. The goddess of f
English version · 06. Mai 2021
The 10 Portal days in May are tremendous.
This month of May will be challenging, high vibrating, transforming, disappointing, sobering, liberating and joyful. The merry month of May. We can be curious! We expect: - from May 9 to May 18, 2021> 10 portal days in a row